Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

SSC Methodology

Steamboat Soccer Club believes all of our teams should follow and adhere to the club's methodology. This doesn't mean that all the teams will look the same when they play. We encourage and empower our coaches to use the SSC Methodology as a framework made up of guiding principles; while also being creative and inserting their personality and vision into their teams. It is paramount for coaches to also take into account the personalities and player profiles that make up each of our teams, as well as to consider external factors that may influence how they adapt and implement the Club Methodology within their respective teams.

Implementation of a club wide methodology facilitates a more clear and concise understanding of our player development process among all our families and players. It also allows our coaches to provide a consistent message to all parents and players. Practices should be competitive, fun and always with a ball. Training sessions should consist of activities that have teammates, oppponents, a direction, boundaries, objectives, and a purpose relative to the game. The focus and activities that make up our training sessions should resemble the actual game as often as possible.

We believe when all five components below are applied, we will be most successful.

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