Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

Getting Certified & Recertified


The 2 Part Process:

Part 1: Take Your Corresponding Online Course

Signup via GameOfficials

Part 2: Signup For Our Field Session

Signup via GameOfficials

Click on the below link:
Click on the "New User?" on the left hand menu
Click on "I have NEVER BEEN registered"
Create your account
Note that your Date of Birth is very important as it determines the level at which you'll begin testing
Confirm the Terms of Service for SPay Inc. - this is how you'll get paid
Fill in the additional information on the next page - be sure to add a PHOTO!
Be sure to include a CELL/MOBILE number if available - text message alerts are a great tool
Subscribe to the emails
Hit "SAVE (Modify User)"

You should now be at your main page
Click on "Courses" on the left hand menu

If you are 14 or older, you'll take the GRADE 8 course PART 1
If you are under 14, you'll take the GRADE 9 course PART 1
If you are turning 14 prior to May 1, contact Brad at

Important - your training video will give you an introduction to Game Officials. It's important that you pay attention to that portion so you'll know how to setup your payments, input availablity, accept games, etc...

See below...


Need assistance or a refresher on how to recertify? No problem!
Watch this 2019 Recertification Video Tutorial
Grade 9 Referees - If you have turned 14 since your initial Grade 9 certification, you will take the bridge course which should show up in your course menu (see how to get there in the above video).

Upcoming Field Sessions

Signup through your GameOfficials account is currently UNAVAILABLE. It will be up shortly.

Expected Setup is a 2 part course:
May 3 - Friday evening - 5-7pm
We'll go over the basics like the uniform, the field, positioning, work with the whistle, etc...

May 4 - Saturday morning - 8-11am
We'll get into the nuance of refereeing and work (as a team) a U12 bronze game to get on field experience.