Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

Alumni Tournament Schedule

5:00pm Arse-Alona vs AKD Comeback Season
5:30pm Squad vs Old and Broken
6:00pm Rocky Mountain Soccer Club vs Old and Broken
6:30pm Squad vs Class on Grass
7:00pm Arse-Alona vs Hoof Hearted Group A
7:30pm Mollie and the oldies vs Rocky Mountain Soccer Club Arse-Alona
Hoof Hearted
Saturday AKD Comeback Season
10:00am The Fockers vs Mountain Mamas The Fockers
10:30am Class on Grass vs Old and Broken Mountain Mamas
11:00am Arse-Alona vs Mountain Mamas
11:30am AKD Comeback Season vs The Fockers
12:00pm Mollie and the oldies vs Old and Broken Group B
12:30pm Squad vs Rocky Mountain Soccer Club Squad
1:00pm Hoof Hearted vs Mountain Mamas Mollie and the oldies
1:30pm Arse-Alona vs The Fockers Rocky Mountain Soccer Club
2:00pm Class on Grass vs Mollie and the oldies Class on Grass
2:30pm Hoof Hearted vs AKD Comeback Season Old and Broken
3:00pm The Fockers vs Hoof Hearted
3:30pm Rocky Mountain Soccer Club vs Class on Grass
4:00pm Squad vs Mollie and the oldies
4:30pm AKD Comeback Season vs Mountain Mamas
5:00pm Group A 1st vs Group B 2nd Semi #1
5:30pm Group A 2nd vs Group B 1st Semi #2
6:00pm Social Time Everyone encouraged to bring a small healthy Appetizer
6:30pm Winner Semi #1 vs Winner Semi #2 Final
7:15pm Post Event at:
Storm Peak/How Ya Doing
2019 Alumni Holiday Soccer Tournament

2019 Alumni Holiday Soccer Tournament

Please join us for the third annual Steamboat Soccer Alumni Holiday tournament, Dec 27-28, 2019! It's a great time to play soccer and socialize with old friends. The tournament is held on our indoor turf at the Montessori School.

1. Teams can be male, female or coed. 5-10 players per team.

2. Games will be played on Friday, Dec 27 and Saturday Dec 28, 2019

3. Games are 5v5. All teams are guaranteed three games.

4. Post-game party location TBA.

5. $250 per team. Please register on the home page of our website. All proceeds from the tournament benefit the SSC scholarship fund.

Tournament Rules

Alumni Adult Holiday Futsal Tournament Rules

The Court and Ball

a) Games will be played at the Mountain Village Montessori Charter School.

b) The boundaries will consist of; white lines(sidelines), white lines (goal

lines) and the white half circle (goalkeepers area).

d. Goalkeepers are not permitted punting of any time. They may throw or kick the ball from the ground. Throws cannot be past the half-way line.

The Number of Players

a) 5 players are on the court at one time, 4 court players and 1 goalkeeper.

b) There are unlimited substitutions. A substitution may be made at any time, whether the ball is in play or not.

c) The referee must be notified if the goalkeeper is changed.

The Player's Equipment

a) All players within a team must wear the same color playing shirt.

Uniforms are highly encouraged, but a coordinated color will suffice.

b) No metal studs on cheats. Turf shoes or indoor flats are highly recommended.

c) Shin pads are highly recommended.

d) Players may not wear jewelry, any other sharp adornments or anything

that may be deemed dangerous to other players.

The Duration of the Match

a) The games will be 25 minutes long with no halftime. Running clock.

The Start and Restart of Play

a) From a kick off, the ball must be played forward. A goal cannot be scored

directly from a kick off.

b) The opposing team must be inside their own half, at least 3m away.

The Ball in and Out of Play

a) When the ball goes out over the sideline, it is then placed on the sideline, or

up to 25cm behind the line. From a stationary position, the ball is kicked into

the court to another player.

Infringements and sanctions

a) Unsportsmanlike character will result in an automatic send-off for that player.

b) A substitute may replace a sent-off player and enter the pitch after two minutes of playing time have elapsed since the sending-off


6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

1 point per goal up to 5 points (5 points max per game)

1 point for shut-out

-3 points for send-off

Tie Breakers:

Head to Head

Goals Against

Coin Toss