Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

Weather Delays

Rain storms and thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence in the summer in Steamboat. Luckily, weather changes quickly in Steamboat Springs, CO. We recommend bringing weights for any team tents and for all kids to have rain gear to cover their bags during play. If there is lightening in the area, play will be suspended until weather has cleared the area.

All weather updates and game delays will be sent via Twitter. Please follow our Twitter account, @steamboatsoccer, to receive weather updates and game delay information.

Weather Delay of Game Plan of Action

The purpose of this page is to inform field users and program participants of the current status of fields (open, closed, etc.) and the current status of sports leagues (delays, cancellations, etc.).

Field Protocol:

  • All equipment boxes at each field have a lightning detector in them from StrikeAlert.
  • If lightning detectors indicate close lightning, the site volunteer will delay games by sounding 3 long blasts of the horn.
  • If a game official feels that play is unsafe due to lightning and/or other weather, he/she can call an ongoing game at any time.
  • If play is ended due to lightning,EVERYONE ON THE FIELD MUST GO TO THEIR CARS IMMEDIATELY or in an onsite Field Shelter (No tents).
  • Once it is felt by the site volunteer and game officials that it is safe to return to the fields, ONE long blast of the horn will be sounded. Games must be resumed within 10 minutes of the resounding horn. The Field Marshall has the final say for players to return to the fields.
  • Please note that the Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament rules state that a game may be considered complete if one half of play has been completed regardless of when the game was delayed during the second half. The final score of the game would be the score at the time the game was called.
  • If neither the Tournament Volunteer nor the referee has stopped play for a thunderstorm and you feel continuing a game is posing a clear and present danger and the referee has not stopped the game, please contact the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR or Field Marshall immediately.

Tournament Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Should the tournament be cancelled, due to weather or other reasons before its start time, the tournament fee will be refunded to all teams less a $100 administration fee. No other refunds will be issued. If the tournament is cancelled, due to weather or other reasons after the first game has started, the following refund (s) will be issued: (1)If one game is played, 2/3 the tournament fee will be refund, less a $100 administration fee.