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2019 SMST Rules of Play




The referee tent shall be considered absolutely off-limits at all complexes.

Please do not attempt to run up the score against weaker opponents. Sportsmanship is paramount in this tournament and goal differential is max 3 per game.

Standard CSA build-out line rules apply for U9/U10.


  1. The rules of play shall be the current "LAWS OF THE GAME" (2018/2019) as published by IFAB, along with those modifications stated herein or as approved by CSA.
  2. Any rule(s) not addressed shall be interpreted by the Tournament Rules Committee for the good of the game.
  3. June 1 Law Changes ARE IN EFFECT.


Each team in the U9 - U19 division is scheduled for a minimum of three games.


There will be no protests or appeals. Rulings by referees and/or tournament officials shall be considered final.


Each team shall supply the referee with one or more suitable game balls, properly inflated and in good condition. The referee shall choose the ball to be used in the game. Teams shall use the following ball sizes:

  • #5 ball for age brackets U-13 through U-19
  • #4 ball for age brackets U-9 through U-12


  1. U9/10 will play 7v7, U11/12 will play 9v9, U11-U19 will play 11v11
  2. Spectators will be placed on one side of the field and the coaches and teams will occupy the other side of the field.
  3. During the progress of any game, all substitutes for a team and the team's coaching support staff shall remain in their designated team area while not on the field of play and behind any drawn spectator line or at least 5 feet away from the touch line, with the specific exceptions of the Referee requesting the presence of staff on the field to assist an injured player of their team.
  4. All spectators shall remain at least 5 feet from touch-lines or goal lines, unless drawn or erected spectator lines establish a different distance. No person shall be permitted behind the goal areas.
  5. At the end of the match the teams must promptly clear the designated team areas to make them available for the next game, and remove any trash produced during the game.


  1. Teams will be divided into flights by age and gender. Team standings will be based on the following point system:
  • WIN: 6 Points
  • TIE: 3 Points
  • LOSS: 0 Points
  • POINTS FOR EACH GOAL SCORED: 1 point for each goal scored to a maximum of 3 goals
  • POINTS FOR SHUT OUT: 1 point, (including a 0-0 tie)
  • RED CARD OR SEND OFF ISSUED: -1 point for each issuance including spectators
  • FORFEITS: Forfeited games count as a 1-0 win (8 points)
  1. In the event that two or more teams in flight or grouping are equal in total points at the end of the preliminary rounds, the team that will advance shall be determined IN DESCENDING ORDER of applicability by:
  • Head to head (if played head to head)
  • **Goals Against (team with lowest goals against advances)
  • **Goal differential. (Max goal differential considered is 3 per game)
  • Least amount of Red cards
  • Least amount of Yellow cards
  • Coin Toss


  1. Semi-final and Final games shall be a knockout competition. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will play two, 5 minute overtime periods with no break between halves. There is no "golden goal" rule. If the teams are tied at the end of overtime, winners shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark, KFPM, per IFAB rules. Only the players that were on the field at the end of the final overtime period will be able to participate in the KFPM and they all must remain on the field until the process is completed, except for players sent off during the KFPM process. Before starting the KFPM process, the teams must reduce to equate per IFAB.

  2. All games will be officiated using the Diagonal System of Control (1-whistle; 2-flags). U9/10 games will play without the holding line concept/rule. In addition, U9/U10 games will have only a center referee for at least the group stages of the tournament. SMST is increasing the standard pay for these U9/U10 games to encourage higher grade referees and performance. U11/U12 games may also have only one official per group game. For the finals, the intention is to do 3 officials for each U11/U12 game, but always subject to availability.

  3. Law 11 (Offside) will be enforced for all games, regardless of age group.


  • Four (4) team Flights - each team plays all other teams in the flight for a total of three games. The two teams with highest points will play in a Championship Game.
  • Five (5) team Flights - each team plays all other teams in the division for a total of four games. Top two teams are determined by most and second-most points earned, and will play in a Championship game.
  • Six (6) team Flights - split into two brackets of three (3) teams each. Each team plays all other teams in opposite bracket (Bracket A teams play Bracket B teams for a total of three games). The top two (2) point earners regardless of bracket shall play in a Championship Game (wildcard style).
  • Eight (8) team Flights - split into two brackets of four (4) teams each. All teams in each bracket play each other for a total of three games. Winner of Bracket A plays winner of Bracket B in a Championship game.


Games may be cancelled, temporarily suspended, or shortened in length when fields are: in unplayable condition due to rain, low air temperature, excessively high winds or lightning, or when fields are in conditions determined as unplayable by the Tournament Director.

  1. The responsibility of game cancellation, temporary suspension, or shortening in length will rest with the Tournament Committee. Referees may suspend and/or terminate games due to lightening. Final judgment will be that of the Tournament Director. There will be no refunds for games cancelled or shortened due to weather conditions.
  2. Games shall be considered completed upon the completion of the first half of the game when play has been stopped by the Field Referee, Head Referee, or Tournament Director. The score at stoppage of play will be the final game score if play was not resumed as ordered by Tournament Rules.
  3. At the discretion of the Referee, time may be added for time lost due to unexpected circumstances such as injury or interference from external factors, etc. If time is added, the Referee will clearly indicate to the coaches. However, the match must end at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the next game.

Although the time used for substitutions is considered a part of the Regulation Time, the Tournament discourages the excessive use of substitutions to run up the clock.

  1. Rescheduling - If there is a stoppage of play for any reason and that stoppage lasts longer than 30 minutes, and the Tournament Director has determined that the orderly progress of the Tournament is threatened, the Tournament Director may take any of the following actions, but is not limited to them:
  1. Resume games in progress from the point of stoppage
  2. Resume games in progress for a shortened period of play
  3. Cancel games in progress. Any game that has completed one full half of play will be considered a completed game. Games that have not completed one full half of play may be resumed for a shortened second half, rescheduled or canceled.


  1. Home Team: Home team is the first team listed on the game schedules. Home team is to wear their dark team colors. If the referee determines there is a jersey color conflict, the home team will change to a contrasting color. IMPORTANT: Both teams should bring both of their jersey colors to each game to assure no color conflicts arise.
  2. Player numbers are required on jerseys. No two players on the same team shall be permitted to wear the same number.
  3. The following items are NOT permitted: Hair control devices with hard parts, earrings of any kind (no taped on allowed) and jewelry of any sort.
  4. The following items are CONDITIONALLY permitted. Religious medals or medical tags taped to the body, splints, casts, braces or other joint support devices that, in the referee's opinion, are not dangerous or which are padded with pliable materials to eliminate danger. NOTE: Final decision rests with the referee, with safety concerns always at the forefront.
  5. All players shall wear shin guards. Socks must fully cover them.
  6. No undergarments may extend below the bottom of any players uniform shorts, unless they are of the same color.
  7. All players shall have their jerseys fully tucked into their shorts.


If you are a premier team, or a team with premier players on your roster, you must register one age group up. On your registration form, you will select this under "Event Age Group."

  1. A Player may play for only one team during the Tournament.
  2. All teams must check in online by July 11th, 2018. Teams unable to complete online check in must contact the Tournament Director for permission to check in at Registration/Headquarters before the Tournament begins. All competitive teams must submit a current roster signed by the State Registrar at online check in. Teams must also bring 1 laminated copy of their roster to the tournament, signed by the State Registrar. Teams (U11 and older) will play with rosters approved by their State Soccer Association. All players must have current USYSA player passes and US Club player passes. All Competitive player cards must be laminated.
  3. Each team must have a certified Tournament roster (18 player max. including guest players; 16 player max for U11/U12; 14 player max for U9/U10) to be presented by the coach or manager to the Field Referee. U11 through U19 teams may use a maximum of six guest players during the Tournament, and U9/U10 teams may use a maximum of 4 guest players. USYSA and US Club approved player passes will be checked against the roster, and player passes will be kept by the Field Referee during the match. If a player does not present a current USYSA or US Club certified player pass to the Field Referee prior to the match, he/she will not participate in the match.
  4. No boys are permitted to play on girls' teams. A boys' team may roster up to (3) girls. A boys team may field additional girls only if approved by the Tournament Director.
  5. All passes are to be returned to the coach or manager of the teams at the conclusion of the game, except for passes of the players or coaches ejected. It is the responsibility of the coach to retrieve passes from the Field Referee at the end of the match.
  6. At the conclusion of the match, the Field Referee will complete the game card in detail. He will also forward to the Head Referee any passes of any red carded participants for the Tournament records and any possible further action. He will also turn in an official supplemental game report if there are any unusual circumstances or the match is a forfeit.


  1. Kickoff will be at the time shown on the Tournament schedule with a five (5) minute grace period allowed. If a team is not ready to play per schedule and by the Field Referee, the match is a forfeit.


  • U13 through U19: 2×35 Min. halves, 5 minute halftime
  • U11 through U12: 2×30 Min. halves, 5 minute halftime
  • U9/U10: 2×25 Min. halves, 5 minute halftime

Length of game may be shortened by the Field Referee(s) and/or Tournament Official(s) due to late start or other warranted conditions.

Due to schedule limitations, added time should not be counted on by teams/coaches for any reason. The Tournament may at any time determine that each game shall become a running clock only with no allowance for added time.

OVERTIME (semi finals and finals only)

All divisions will have 2×5 minute halves in overtime, with no halftime, in semi-finals and finals ONLY. No golden goal. If a winner is not determined in overtime, standard KFTPM rules will apply.


With the referee's permission, a team may use unlimited substitutions (except for Sent-Off players) at the following stoppages of play:

  1. Prior to a throw-in (if the team throwing in is substituting, both teams may sub with the referee's permission)
  2. Prior to a goal kick (by either team)
  3. After a goal (by either team)
  4. After an injury when the Referee has stopped play and the Player has been tended to by team officials (by either team)
  5. Between halves including overtime (by either team)
  6. With the Referee's permission, a team may substitute for a cautioned player at the time of the caution

For a substitution to be allowed, all the following conditions should be met:

  1. The Referee must be informed before the substitution is allowed
  2. The substitute(s) must be ready at the Halfway Line, before the substitution opportunity arises and only enter the field after receiving the signal from the Referee
  3. The substituted player may leave the field from any part of the field, but should notify the Referee where they are going off and take an expedited (minimum at a brisk jog) and direct route to their bench area
  4. The use of this Rule for the purpose of time-wasting is highly discouraged, and the referee may deny substitutions as his/her discretion in case time wasteing is suspected
  5. There is no substitute for an ejected player


  1. An ejected player and / or coach are ineligible for participation for AT LEAST the remainder of the current game and in the following Tournament game. This includes the final matches.
  2. Yellow cards (Cautions) are cumulative during the Tournament. A player who receives three Cautions during the Tournament is not eligible to participate in their next game, including playoff matches. The cumulative penalty will not apply when a player receives two Cautions in the same match resulting in an ejection and subsequently ineligibility for the following Tournament match. This includes final matches. The Tournament Committee may take additional disciplinary action against a team or individual for serious offenses, including suspension from the remainder of the Tournament and non-eligibility for future Tournaments.
  3. A coach is responsible for the actions of his team supporters. Abuse from spectators, coaches or any team member will not be tolerated. Violations can result in forfeiture of the game and / or expulsion from further Tournament play.
  4. Any coach, manager, or team medical/non-medical official, who has been ejected must remove himself no less than 100 yards from the playing field within 2 minutes of notice of ejection, or the match will be forfeited to the opposing team. The forfeit will be recorded at the current game score, or 1-0, whichever is better for the non-forfeiting team. An ejected player may remain on the bench after he/she has changed into a non player shirt all while remaining under the strict control of their coach. The referee, at his/her sole discretion, may require the removal of the player if they deem necessary.
  5. Any coach that withdraws his team from the playing field during a match and refuses to continue play after being summoned by the Referee will receive a dismissal for "Irresponsible Behavior" and his team will forfeit the match. The forfeit will be recorded at the current game score, or 1-0, whichever is better for the non-forfeiting team.
  6. The use and / or consumption of any alcoholic beverages or tobacco products at any youth soccer match are expressly prohibited. Any player or team official who violates this prohibition shall be subject to disciplinary action and / or suspension. Such violations will be reported to CSA Disciplinary Committee.
  7. Passes of players or coaches sent off will be held by the Tournament Committee at the main Tournament Headquarters and may be picked up after the participants suspension has been served. Passes of participants who are sent off, but do not have the ability to serve their suspension at the Tournament, will have their passes and ejection paperwork forwarded to the appropriate soccer governing body.
  8. If a field medic pulls a player from a match because they suspect that the player has a concussion, the player must be cleared by a doctor before returning to play. Their player card will be held at tournament headquarters until a doctor note clearing the player to participate has been received. If no note is received, the player card can be picked up after the team has completed their last match of the tournament. In and and all cases, coaches, parents, referees, and tournament officials shall strictly adhere to the CSA Concussion Policy.


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