Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

2017-2018 Rosters

Dear Players and Parents,

The following are the Steamboat Soccer Club's 2017-18 team rosters. We really care about the experience and development of every player in our club. Throughout the process of developing our 2017-18 teams, we have looked at every angle and approach possible in order to set every player up for success. We strive to help players develop as indiviiduals, while also creating the best environment for each team and the club as a whole. Although these are the initial rosters, placement may be somewhat dynamic, opening the door for movement between teams through the club pass system and as players/teams develop throughout the year. This year our registration numbers are at an all-time high which has necessitated movement of players between age groups. This opens up the opportunity for playing with a different group of players and continued opportunites for growth as a soccer player. We look forward to a very exciting 2016-17 season!

2007 - U11Boys Navy

  • Playing 9v9 - Centennial League
  • Head Coach: Kyle Lawton
  • Assistant Coach: Max Penebaker
  • Team Manager: Jenn Paoli

Angus Frithsen

Nicholas Paoli

Henry Jamison

Trout Alford

Kade Lawton

Cash Lawrence

Owen Wither

Campbell McLaren

Willem Bradford

Nicholas Bradford

Jeffrey Sturges

2007 - U11Boys White

  • Playing 9v9 - Centennial League
  • Head Coach: Josh Fix
  • Assistant Coach: Marc Lyman
  • Team Manager: TBD

Matthias Wolf

Harrison Sherman

Seamus Malia

David DelliQuadri

Benjamin Castor

Weston Worley

Theodore Haupt

Bruno Butas

Jacob Davidoff

Maxwell Lyman

Asher Banks

Alexander Craig

Lyle Henninger

2006 - U12Boys Navy

  • Playing 9v9 - Centennial League
  • Head Coach: Brad Church
  • Assistant Coach: Nate Richardson
  • Team Manager: Kelly Landers

Braden Adams

Henry Geeslin

Ryan Andrew

Timothy Sabat

Kodiak Kretzschmar

Timothy Landers

Jason Colby

Cole Campbell

Michael Dinapoli

Leonard Zanni

Gerardo Mendoza

Nolan Laird

2006 - U12Boys White

  • Playing 9v9 - Mountain Region League
  • Head Coach: Dave Grinnell
  • Assistant Coach: Jeff Milliken
  • Team Manager: TBD

Eli Bergeron

Shamus Davenport

Hlawe VanBlarcum

Bryson Lee

Max Znamenacek

Christopher Heppelmann

Finneas Franklin

Axel Sanchez

Tanner Stewart

Wyatt Graves

Peyton Dike

Aklilu Foote

Carter Nachtweih

Christopher Hernandez

2005 - U13Boys Navy

  • Playing 11v11 - Centennial League
  • Age Group Director: Austin Sheridan
  • Head Coach: Kenny Reisman
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Team Manager: Monica Niedermeier

Erik Sandvik

Jackie Clemente

Reece John

Charlie Reisman

Cameron Daly

Jeremy Nolting

Connor Chapman

Bryan Peterson

Andrew Kempers

Tomas Niedermeier

Jose Hernandez

Gabriel Gray

2005 - U13Boys White

  • Playing 11v11 - Centennial League
  • Age Group Director: Austin Sheridan
  • Head Coach: Chris Holmquist
  • Assistant Coach: TBD
  • Team Manager: Karlyn Wagner

Nolan Read

Isaiah Tieck

Kellen Gormley

Dylan Gormley

Degan Kuntz

Michael Lake

Patrick Bohmer

Hazen Kreis

Casey Wolf

Wiley Wagner

Beckett Myklusch

Kyan Strong

Porter Bonelli-Panzera

Ian Haupt

Magdiel Miranda Ponce

Tyger Juschka

2003/04's U15Boys Navy

  • Playing 11v11 - Mountain Region League
  • Age Group Direcor: Alec Nelson
  • Head Coach: Chris Catterson
  • Assistant Coach: Brock Webster
  • Team Manager: Angela Catterson

Oliver Cardillo

Joseph Scoppa

Johnathan Rawlings

Silas Leeson

Giovanni Demusis

Indiana Kretzschmar

Liam Catterson

Olin Webster

Erik Belshaw

Oscar Quezada

Carson Mahaffey

Charles Welch

Tommy Meissner

Ian Heydon

Owen Petersen

Sean Davenport

Noah Butler

Mateus Fiorini

Axel Kovach

Tyler H Jacobs

Smith Dean

Logan Spiegel

Kellen Adams

Josiah Kish

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