Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association

Rec Round Robin Tournament

Our Rec Round Robin Tournament will be held June 13. Each team will represent a different country in this World Cup competition. We have flag tattoos from different countries for all the players. If there is a parent from each team who can help apply the tattoos, that would be great! Games start at 9:00, so please be dressed and ready to go at 8:45.

Each team will play 3 games. Games are 25 minutes long, followed by a five minute break. Teams can play two games simultaneously, or one game depending on the number of players each team has.

The first team listed is the home team and wears light blue. The second team is the away team and wears navy.

2020 Spring Rec Game Schedules

The game schedule will be posted after team formation.

The first team list for the game schedule wears Navy jerseys and the second team wears Light Blue.

Please bring both jerseys to every game