Steamboat Springs Youth Soccer Association


In order to serve as a coach, assistant, coach, manager, or work in any capacity with a member club, one must complete a background check, the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course, and the Safe Sport course. Read each section below as it pertains to these three requirements.

Your coach and/or manager account MUST be created by your club and you must use the username and password your club supplies you. (Contact Jan DePuy, Director of Administartion if you need your login or having problems logging into your account.)


Frequency: every two years
Duration: 5-10 minutes to submit with a 3-10 day waiting period
PDF Walkthrough: CLICK HERE


Frequency: every year
Duration: initial course is 90 minutes; annual refresher course is 30 minutes
PDF walkthrough: CLICK HERE


Frequency: every year
Duration: 30 minutes
PDF walkthrough: CLICK HERE

Coaching Expectations

  • Represent SSC with utmost professionalism and treat our community, referees, players & parents on and off the field with respect.
  • Understand, support and promote our club culture, club methodology, and our path of player development.
  • Be a team player with other coaches and work with them to develop our program, coaches and players.
  • Never speak bad about other coaches or our program. If you have a problem, reach out to the DOC or other Staff Members.
  • Look professional by wearing club gear when possible and acting professional.
  • Attend all club events, coaches' meetings, and coaching education opportunities when possible.
  • Age Group Directors will make every effort to attend Monthly AGD meetings and player placements.
  • Encourage players and families to attend club wide events and take part in club fundraisers.
  • Plan your session ahead of time, arrive early to set up and be organized so the session goes well. Start on time and finish on time.
  • Find ways to keep the session fun.
  • "Never forget what it was like being a player" Always remember what you found enjoyable and made you love the game of soccer. Can you insert that same passion of the game into your team?
  • Structured warm up for games and understandable objectives and expectations for the game.
  • During the game, try and let the players play and make decisions.
  • At half time try and limit feedback to three things they need to improve and three things they are doing well.
  • Post-game- be positive and use positive reinforcement with your players.
  • Be honest with your players and parents.
  • At least once a year, hold a 1 on 1 meeting with each of your players and give them honest feedback and ask that they share it with their parents.

Coach Development