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SSC Player Expectations

I have been offered a position to play with the Steamboat Soccer Club. I understand that playing soccer for SSC is a privilege and not a right, and, by accepting this invitation, I wholeheartedly agree:

  • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship and a positive attitude at every practice, game, and tournament.
  • I will wear my Steamboat Soccer uniform with pride and will convey a positive attitude towards my teammates, coaches and referees.
  • The entire team will shake hands with the opposing team and acknowledge the referees at the end of each match.
  • Treat players, parents, opponents, coaches, and referees with fairness, generosity, courtesy, and respect.
  • I will control my mouth on the field and only use kind words towards coaches, teammates, opposing teams, opposing players, referees, and spectators. Talking back to a coach or any referee is not acceptable. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for profanity.
  • I will not post bullying and harassing comments towards teammates, coaches, opponents or officials on social media.
  • I realize the commitment to the team and Steamboat Soccer Club and make every effort to be at all practices and games on time and ready to play.
  • I will make sure either myself or my parent updates the Team App attendance for all events.
  • Apply best efforts, in practice and games, working equally hard for the team and self.
  • I will understand the value of life-long learning and make a commitment to my education.
  • I will get to all practices, games, and team events on time, fully equipped with ball, water, shin guards and in proper soccer attire. If I can't I will communicate with my coach.
  • I will wear my practice jersey to all practices.
  • I will be sharp, attentive, and in no way disruptive in the practice environment.
  • Win without gloating.
  • Tolerate defeat without complaining or excuses.
  • I will approach coaches directly with questions and concerns.
  • Any use of alcoholic beverages or banned substances in connection with SSC activities is strictly forbidden.
  • Understanding that my journey to success is having passion, a vision, and a purpose.
  • Before leaving the game and practice fields I will help tidy up the area. I will "Sweep the Barn" Leaving only footprints behind.
  • Finding ways to do more! On the field, in school, in your community.
  • Having a growth mindset instead of a fixed one.
  • I realize that the pursuit of excellence is one that requires lifelong learning and improvement and that as such it is important that I learn not only from my coach, but also from myself, from my teammates, and from outside references and learning opportunities (i.e. watching games of all levels, opportunities to play in other environments within our club and outside of our club, etc.).
  • I will understand our 4 mantras and why they are important to our club.
  • I will make every effort to protect our club culture.
  • I will be a mentor to the younger teams and will leave a legacy.

Techne Futbol

We are excited to give each of our players the gift of Techne Futbol.

One of our club's most important mantras is that of "Owning Your Journey". Techne Futbol is an amazing tool that will support you with your "Own Your Journey" endeavors.

You will be receiving an email invitation to join Techne Futbol so you can access the app and all of the training content for free! If you do not see the email, please be sure to check your spam folder and all email addresses it may have been sent to. Once you register, you can change the email associated with the account.

There is new content every week, players can compete with their teammates, and coaches will be able to keep track of players' training activity. We are committed to our players' development on and off the field and are very excited to be offering this resource! If you have any trouble accessing your account, please check our website for FAQ's related to the app or contact [email protected] .


Too many sports and not enough rest. Plan an offseason giving yourself time to recuperate before the next season, next practice session, or game.

Consider the below factors that affect Athletes' fatigue and recovery and learn more about each one at: USA Soccer Foundation Recognize to Recover


Food and Hydration makes a huge impact on your performance. Please check out the following pages for more informatin The article in and the USA Soccer Foundation Page


Athletes are just as likely to suffer from mental health issues as non-athletes. The very nature of sport can bring about psychological issues in athletes, even though participation in athletics has many benefits. It is important to understand the signs of mental health disorders and how to address them to limit impact on participation in sport and daily life.

For additional information check out:


Resources for Athletes:
NCAA Sports Science Institute
National Alliance on Mental Health Illness
Mental Health First Aid

Resources for Coaches, Parents, Staff Members:
NCAA Sports Science Institute
National Alliance on Mental Health Illness
Mental Health First Aid

From USA Soccer Foundation Website Recognize to Recover

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Steamboat Soccer Club

P.O. Box 770661, 2667 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit 2
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

Phone: 970-870-1520
Email: [email protected]

Steamboat Soccer Club

P.O. Box 770661, 2667 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit 2
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

Phone: 970-870-1520
Email: [email protected]
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