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  • Is there really a need for more referees in the club?
    Yes, additional referees are one of our biggest needs currently within our club. We need referees of all ages! This is a large problem not only for our club but for youth soccer throughout Colorado. Please consider becoming a certified referee!!

  • How old do I have to be to become certified?
    The minimum age to become a GRADE 9 (recreational) certified referee is 12 years old at the time of the certification course.
    The minimum age to become a GRADE 8 certified referee is 14 years old at the time of the certification course.
    We need referees of all ages!

  • What does the certification process look like?
    The course is completed in 2 parts (online & field session). Participants register online for the course & complete the online training modules & testing prior to attending a 5 hour field session to complete the certification process.

  • Is there a cost to become certified?
    The certification course does have a fee associated with it of $65 for Grade 9 (under 14 only) and $90 for Grade 9.
    However, any certified referee who referees a minimum of 7 games for SSC/SMST within a calendar year is eligible for reimbursement of their certification costs. CSA games refereed in Steamboat also qualify!
    Additionally any referee of any age is also available for reimbursement of future years re-certification fees should they continue to referee, and after also fulfilling the 7 game minimum each year.

  • How much do games pay?
    Games are paid based on the age group of the game and the position of the referee (Center or Assistant Referee).
    Games are also paid based your referee grade level and what organization you are working for (CSA, SSC, Tournaments).
    Most new / younger referees will usually start at U9-10 for SSC which pays $15/game.
    Then with experience and comfort level they will progress from there.
    CSA Pay Scale - Click Here

  • Will I get any on field / in game training?
    YES! Part of the cerfitication process now includes a 5 hour field session. This is a great addition, and those who have taken part in it will tell you that the time flys by. The session is very engaging and interactive, and SSC has their own referee instructor here in town to run the courses.
  • How many games do I have to commit to each weekend? What if I have other commitments on any given day / weekend?
    This is really up to you as the referee. Once certified, you will get a log in for a website in which you will be able to see all game days. From there you look at your personal schedule and put in when you're available. You will be assigned games based on your availability and then will have a second opportunity to accept or decline any assigned games.
  • What are the physical demands?
    Referees must have a basic ability to run up and down the field in order to keep up with the level of play. There are no set measures of fitness that must be passed at the entry level but obviously the demands and speed of the games increase as the age of the game also increases. However the fitness level required is relatively minimal for the level of play that our referees experience.
  • Is there a referee group or committee that I can go to for help and advice when needed?
    DEFINITELY! We have quite a few experienced referees here in Steamboat, and a couple who are constantly working games and tournaments around the state, and around the country. If you have any needs or questions, don't hesistate to contact us at r[email protected] and we'll get back to you very quickly!
  • Are there other opportunities for additional refereeing outside of SSC?
    Of course! In addition to our home league games in the fall and spring, referees will have the opportunity to get games if they desire during our Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament.
    Other tournaments in nearby areas are always interested in acquiring more referees as well, and may provide housing depending on the tournament. And don't forget - there are tournaments around the country you can participate in as well...
    Parents, when traveling with their kids to tournaments or away league games, can also explore the opportunity of refereeing on the road.
    And... there is always a large need for more certified referees in the local recreational adult leagues. All of these games are paid opportunities.
    Basically, there are tons of opportunities!
  • Once certified do I have to take another course?
    Yes. Yearly recertification is required, and depending on your wishes to upgrade to a higher level of refereeing, you may be required to attend additional field sessions, continuing education, and/or fitness tests. HOWEVER, the basic recertification process is done simply online, and can be done from the relaxing comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Being a Referee

You'll actually KNOW the laws of the game… you'd be surprised how many folks are amazed during the education phase.

Extra side cash… we all could use a little extra cash. Being a referee is an incredibly good way to earn cash during high school, college, and even adulthood!

You'll meet some great people refereeing… including other refs, coaches, players, and even some great parents. It's a chance to make lifelong friends and get a nationwide network.

You are running around a soccer field on Saturday and Sunday in the beautiful Steamboat weather (any maybe on the front range, or even out of state!)… while making money… could be worse!

Leadership, responsibility, confidence, relationship management.

You can go all over the nation to referee games! Even all over the world...

This is truly a way to give back to your awesome Steamboat community, all while getting paid!


Steamboat Recreational Games (usually at Memorial):
U9/U10 boys and girls
2x25 min halves
One referee only
$15 per game

CSA League Games:
U11 through U19 boys and girls
Varying game times
One referee and two AR's per game
CSA Pay Scale

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Steamboat Soccer Club

P.O. Box 770661, 2667 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit 2
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

Phone: 970-870-1520
Email: [email protected]

Steamboat Soccer Club

P.O. Box 770661, 2667 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit 2
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477

Phone: 970-870-1520
Email: [email protected]
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